brideshead-baby asked: Hey Ted! What's up? You see, I've been having these dreams lately about you in porn, or porn movies about your life. There, in my dream I was like "Wow, that' s great!"How come they never did a porn biopic about you!?or at least some perverted arthouse movie. Such a shame!



My dear Tedhead,

Yes, let us discuss the magnificent monstrosity that is my gargantuan, throbbing penis. It has been on several unbelievable journeys. However, its favorite tour has always been Jeffrey’s mouth (and ass). It’s a shame, yes, that there hadn’t been a moment in time where the fascinating travels of Ted Jr. had been properly documented in the form of pornographic film. However, my dearest and beloved, that is where your imagination comes into play.

Regards from my penis and I,

Father Bundy


does anyone else find ian mckellen life-ruiningly attractive or is that just me

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Jeremy Brett in Ideal Husband

Jeremy Brett in Ideal Husband


Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift posing together outside at Paramount Studios during break in filming A Place in the Sun (1951).


Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift posing together outside at Paramount Studios during break in filming A Place in the Sun (1951).


Sir Ian McKellen (Macbeth) and Dame Judi Dench (Lady Macbeth)

James Ivory`s films are made in such an excellent taste. Bravo! But then again, know this movie by heart, inside and out, avery single scene. James Ivory+E.M.Forster=a perfect match made in heaven(see also Maurice and Room with a view). The cast is just brilliant. Although Sir Anthony Hopkins doesn`t happen to eat his enemies, his character seems far more wicked and detestable than Hannibal Lecter, and his acting is so delicate, so subtle that I can`t help admiring his genius. As for Emma and Helena, their acting is unquestionably stunning as well. To my mind, both of them are especially great at playing intelligentsia. In a nutshell, if you like films like “The Remains of the Day” or “The Room with a View”, this movie is just for you.

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Richard III (1995)

probably,the most splendid Sheakspeare screen adaptation ever.

just a sheer masterpiece!

"I am determined to prove a villain and hate the idle pleasures of these days."

my all-time favourite movie. 

Sir Ian Mckellen is utterly stunning. Unforgettable, outstanding performance! Sir Ian is such an elegant, exquisite, bewitching villain that no one can help falling under his spell. No doubt, I would immediately agree to be murdered or tortured just to be proposed by him. Oh, fangirling is so humiliating. Anyway, Sir Ian`s Richard is by far the best Richard I`ve ever seen. You should excuse my probable subjectiveness, but I believe Laurence Olivier would have died of unbareable envy, had he watched Sir Ian playing this. I would say “Bravo!”, but I`ve watched this film for a thousand times or even more, so instead I will just cry and weep over the inexpressible beauty of Sir Ian. That will sound a bit trivial, but this guy is a genius. Thank you, Sir Ian, for being that kind of awesome. Keep on rocking.